Graphic Designer for Idyll Time Wines

Graphic Design for Idyll Time Wines

The creative energy behind ShantiArt Design belongs to graphic designer and entrepreneur Colleen de la Torre. and that’s what keeps ShantiArt Design’s work fresh and appealing.

“We Bring Your Ideas to Life” is the tagline of ShantiArt Design, and it is so ture with the logo and artwork designs she has created for Idyll Time Wines. Colleen and Joan have worked together on marketing and print for 15+ years, so when the chance came to put artwork ON the bottle – Colleen is THE artist.

From the inceptions of the Idyll Time Wines logo, to the brainstorming of ideas for the names of the wines and graphics on the labels….you will become and instant collector of one-of-a-kind designs when purchasing wine from Idyll Time Wines…..

Syrapinot – Jovial Jesters artwork

Que Syrah Syrah – Masks and Music artwork

Zinfest – Animals both real and imaginary

Colleen is the key to all artwork on our bottles.

Colleen’s passions extend far beyond the design studio. She and her husband enjoy traveling the world enjoying the beautiful outdoors and the culture of each country, as well as their favorite activity: spending time with family and friends.