Vineyard Director for Idyll Time Wines

Nathan Chang is the Vineyard Director for Idyll Time Wines and the son of Joan Escover, and the grandson of Anthony J. Escover. He took over the vineyards and family residence of Idyll Time Vineyards after Anthony’s passing in 2016.  Anthony had instilled his Precise Engineering standards of farming and grape growing into Nathan and left him with an Almanac of history on weather and watering times, etc.  Nathan had grown-up working in the vineyards from the initial planting of the vines, so it was an easy transition.

Working for a John Deere Tractor Dealership, Thomason Tractor, in the Central Valley, Nathan is very much connected to farming in all aspects and the grapes have never looked better.

Marrying Alexia Chang brought the N/A brand to life.  Alexia, a Rodeo Queen through and through, and Nathan, the farmer, bring out the Artwork from the Land!!

N/A logo Nathan Chang